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Friday, January 29, 2010

2. My Poker Bankroll from Zero

Hello Poker Fans,

Current Poker Bankroll :  $6.59

Wow $6.59 a new milestone in my tournament poker challenge.  I made something from nothing.  While this seems completely and hopelessly ridiculous...for me it is about the challenge.  It is not the amount that is important it is the potential that it represents.  This is about proving to myself that I can climb this micro tournament mountain and either survive to tell the tale or die trying.

The journey so far has taken me about a month of single table tournament grinding.  The hardest part was getting up to $1.00 from the $0.00 mark.  The ten cent giveaways are ten seat tournaments and you must place in the top two to get paid.  First place pays $0.06 and second place pays $0.04 so you can imagine how impossible this seems at first.  This is particularly true if you manage to cash in one and then bust out of three.

I was very strict with myself and didn't allow myself to buy in to any of the $0.10 tourneys until I got up to ~ $1.00.  (PKR will only allow you to register in the ten cent giveaways if you have less than $1 in your poker account.)  Once I got up over $1 it became slightly easier to start making progress as the top four spots pay in the $0.10 + $0.02 tourneys.  (they actually cost 12 cents to enter with 2 cents being the rake

1st - $0.40
2nd - $0.28
3rd - $0.20
4th - $0.12

They call these micro poker tourneys Level 1 beginner SNGs.  (These extreme low level tournaments are only available to players that have never deposited or those that have made their first deposit within the last 60 days.)  At this point I'm trying to stick to the 10 cent poker tourneys.  There is little risk of going bust as the buy-in is a small percentage of the tiny roll I've built.  There is always a chance that I'll go on some mind bending terrible run and lose ten tourneys in a row but I'm going to play my best to try to avoid any big downswings.

I have taken some shots at some of the multi-table freerolls but so far haven't managed to get to a final table.  I will keep you posted as it's only a matter of time until I do make a final table.  :-)

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