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Friday, January 29, 2010

1. The Poker Challenge - Starting at Rock Bottom

Hello poker enthusiasts,

  I have been an online poker player for a few years mostly at the micro level. Recently I found myself looking around for a new poker site to try out and I came across PKR.

This site boasts 3d avatars to simulate the feel of live play. I'm not sure any website will ever come close but this is the next best thing.

I figured I would try out this new software and was about to deposit when I noticed they offered 10 cent giveaways. A slightly painful (and not so original thought) entered my mind. What if I could build a substantial bankroll from nothing baby?

If Chris "Jesus" Ferguson can do it why can't I? Okay well wait a minute I'm not a pro. I'm not even close to being a pro and have only messed around at the micro level.  This is not a pro trying to prove something, just an average guy trying to build a bankroll and have a story to tell.  I hope you will join me on this journey and I welcome your comments.

This poker blog will document the ultimate quest of discipline and endurance. The quest from $0.00.  So thus begins my journey. Please check in for updates on my quest and feel free to comment on your own poker marathons.

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