The Weekly Poker Mantra

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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Weekly Poker Mantra

Today I will not fear the maniac because
Today I am the maniac
There is no danger of check raising myself

Monday, February 15, 2010

4. Slow going - Patience and Poker

Hello Donkey Killers,

Current Challenge Bankroll: $7.02

I'm still playing many 12 cent No-Limit tournaments and learning much as I go.  These tournaments can be really tough because there can be quite a few donkey pots.  It seems that as much as you may try to avoid coin flips eventually you will have to call some of these guys with a marginal hand particularly if they are shoving too much.

Recently I played heads up with a guy that was shoving on me every single pot and I just wasn't getting any cards.  Such a frustrating game.  I eventually ended up the shorter stack against this seemingly mindless aggression and shoved on his blind with K6 suited.  The villain called with Q5 before the flop and caught both cards.  This seems to happen to me quite a bit heads up and I'm working on making my game more reckless to avoid getting walked on... however it's really tough when your opponent is going all in every hand with little or no thought.

I have had some success with these guys by waiting for a decent pocket pair or an ace and letting them hang themselves.  Unfortunately in a heads up game you don't always have the luxury of waiting for cards and if they never come you'll have to resort to other means.  Slow playing really isn't the best idea either as it's too easy for them to beat you with an inferior hand if you let them see a cheap flop, however if they are shoving on you every hand then it might be worth it to limp - call with some of your better hands.

So for now the word of the day is patience.  I really was hoping to be at least over the $10 mark with this challenge but for now it's break even city.  Good luck on the felt everyone and good luck to you in your challenge whatever the level.

The Weekly Poker Mantra

Bring your best game today 
Win or lose take heart that your chips went in good

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Weekly Poker Mantra

I am NOT a donkey
My aces got cracked five consecutive times
Okay, I'm a donkey now

February Poker Haiku Roundup

The Daily Poker Haiku will be replaced by the Weekly Poker Mantra.  I hope you all enjoyed the Poker Haiku.  It was a short lived experiment, however I hope one that will live on to entertain and inspire.  Here is a complete list of the haiku posts; 

Poker Haiku Feb 5th, 2010
Pass the sweet sugar
A mountain tall and patient
Victorious bike 

Poker Haiku Feb 4th, 2010
Follow the rabbit
A glade of freshly burnt cards
Dealer rolls his eyes 

Poker Haiku Feb 3rd, 2010
Fortune smiles again
Great bloated whale will feed me
Holy mackerel 

Poker Haiku Feb 2nd, 2010
Casually I call
Full house a ship with great guns
She flips over quads 

Poker Haiku Feb 1st, 2010
Patiently I sit
Leafless oak still and silent
Tiger sleeps inside 

Poker Haiku Jan 31st, 2010
I doubled up yes
Now I will raise every pot
Why don't they love me? 

Poker Haiku Jan 30th, 2010
Oh what a suckout
Why won't my aces hold up?
Laugh then cry inside 

Poker Haiku Jan 29th, 2010
I climb the mountain
A ridiculous journey
Where will it take us?


Friday, February 5, 2010

Poker Room Chat Bans - PKR issues a Permanent Chat Ban for Telling the Truth

Recently I was the recipient of a permanent chat ban from PKR. I haven't been playing there very long and ended up in an unfortunate forum skirmish due to a software glitch. Long story short the software had registered me for a tournament that I did not click on. Other players confirmed that they had also experienced this bug, yet PKR informed me that I was somehow responsible for this mistake even though they gave me a credit to cover the loss (less the rake).

For those of you that have never visited PKR it is an online poker room that boasts 3d graphics and detailed avatar customization.

I believe that it is important for players to respect one another in the chat box and to respect the language rules in the chat box. Those that do not respect these rules should be banned. There is a time and a place for chat bans and the consequences of handing them out unjustly should be weighed heavily. I agree that profanity, name calling and abuse should be punished. Those who are open and honest in the forums, however, do not deserve to be persecuted for it.

In the forum debate I was merely telling my account of what happened and was berated and accused repeatedly of being a liar in the forum. Some of these forum attack dogs even resorted to personal attacks which included profanity. I don't think any of these people were banned. Shockingly, the end result of this lively debate was a permanent ban on my chat and forum privileges. It would seem that forum 'participants' would do anything to brow beat me, break me down, ruin the credibility of my story and eventually ban me just to win the debate.

The truth is not a story that I was allowed to tell. Merely disagreeing with PKR was their real reason for banning me.

If you can accuse me of anything it is sticking to my guns and defending my own honour and that is all. While I will continue to play on PKR as a part of this zero to the sky challenge, this unjust ruling does raise some serious doubts in my mind about their policies, particularly those surrounding chat bans. If you thought the PKR forum was a place for open and honest debate, think again. If they don't like what you are saying they will ban you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adsense and Poker Blogging - Why Does Google Hate Poker Players?

Recently this blog was turned down for an application to have some Adsense advertising content.  While I wasn't planning to plaster the place with ads, I figured a few couldn't hurt.   As I am very new to blogging any expected revenue would not be huge and I was quite shocked to be turned down.

I received the following notification after applying;

"Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into Google AdSense at this time.
We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


- Unacceptable site content"

I am assuming that they mean "Gambling or casino-related content" as this is one of the unacceptable site contents that they list for those that are applying to use Adsense.

This blog certainly is NOT an advocate of underage gambling.  This blog recommends gambling responsibly if you are going to gamble at all. 

The focus of this blog is poker and poker related stories.  I am not suggesting that anyone go on a roulette binge or risk an insane amount on the lottery.  I mean come on...

Feeling stumped I looked around for some other options for posting advertising on a blog and there seem to be a few out there.  Adbrite and Bidvertiser looked like they might be good alternatives but I have no idea if they would work well in blogger.  If any of you poker blog pros out there have some good advice for me please give it.

Well I've put in my two cents.  This being a blog about micro-stakes two cents seems to be about right.  I hope that I haven't ruined anyone's life suggesting that you should risk a few dimes to try out some poker strategies. 

I am not one to bite the hand that feeds me, or in this case doesn't feed me.  This blog certainly isn't about crying over spilt milk and will remain fearlessly optimistic.  I love you google even if you don't love me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

3. Sit and Go Grind - Avoiding Tilt in a NL Holdem Session

Hello Poker Piranhas,

Tilt is the single most dangerous thing that can damage your bankroll.  I know what you're thinking;  "Oh no, the silly micro stakes tournament player is going to try to tell me something about tilt".  We are all subject to tilt regardless of what level we are at.

Here is a one of my recent NL holdem sessions;

Starting Bankroll:$6.59

Game One - NL Holdem Single Table Tournament
Buy In:$0.12
Finishing Rank:6th

Game Two - NL Holdem Single Table Tournament
Buy In:$0.12
Finishing Rank: 3rd

Game Three - Rebuy freeroll Mtt:
Buy In:$0.00
Spent on rebuys:$0.05
Finishing Rank:230

Game Four - NL Holdem Single Table Tournament
Buy In:$0.12
Finishing Rank:7th

Finishing Bankroll: $6.38

Anyone can see that this is a losing session.  But this does not mean that it is an invaluable session.  To avoid tilting I can ask myself a few questions.

1)Q - Am I playing my best at the moment?
   A - No.

2)Q - Am I running well?
   A - Not fantastic.

3)Q - Have I made mistakes this session?
   A - Yes.

4)Q - How can I learn from these mistakes?
   A - Study the hand histories pay more attention to the bet sizes of other players.

5)Q - Should I play higher to try to make up losses?
   A - No, This would be a terrible mistake and could result in damaging all of the work to get to this stage.   

6)Q - Should I quit for now and take a break?
   A - Yes, this session isn't going great and I'm feeling a little tired.

7)Q - Will my next session have better results?
   A - Yes!  A positive attitude is an excellent defence against tilt.  Play your best and if the cards are against you even when you've played your best game, be proud that you played your best game.

These are the seven questions that I'm currently working with as I play NL holdem tournaments.  I would welcome you to try them too and let me know if they help your game.