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Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Surveys Reminder

If you haven't voted on the surveys yet then please do!

There is a great Phil, Antonio or Mom survey that I am leaving up for a while because I'm really curious to see the results and I want to get as many participants as possible.  There is some reason for concern however as Hello Kitty seems to be winning at the moment. I am a huge Phil Laak fan so it's a little distressing to see that he is trailing.  So please if you know anyone that would like to see Antonio Esfandiari or your Mom taken down a notch or two, get them to come out and vote.  Who is the better NL holdem player?!

Also I have added a new blog that I'm following in my blog roll.  It's AJ Benza Neat!  He hasn't posted in a while but still an interesting read.  I think he got a really rotten deal from GSN so I've put up a poll here for him as well.  Please vote for AJ it only takes a second.

Finally I have a Hellmuth survey that I will leave up for a while.  That one speaks for itself I guess...

So please participate!  Thanks for all your votes and good luck on the felt.


  1. Hey bud

    Your new templates, have caused your blog not to update on your followers blogs since the lag vs tag post.

    You MIGHT want to re-upload your old templat (if you saved it), and then reapply this new one. Otherwise, we don't know you've posted, and you keep falling to the bottom of the list? Just an FYI

  2. PPS, could you add my blog to your follow list (since you are)? You just need to edit the gadget, and select blogs I'm following (if you so choose).

    Thanks, Just Me

  3. I'm done messing with the template for now. But thanks for the heads up. If you un-follow and then follow again it should update properly.

    I will add your blog to my follow list.