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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Submit Your Poker Mantra - Get Your Blog Featured

Okay blog weasels here's your chance to get creative.  Lay your best poker or life mantra on me.  It's so easy to enter just leave your most inspiring, weird or funny mantra in the comment area.  You may take this seriously or you may mock it like a chimp taunting a law enforcer.  The only rule is there are no rules.

The contest winner will be selected in the first week of May.  The winner will be featured in the Weekly Poker Mantra.  The best mantra author will receive a review of their blog in a feature article.  Don't forget to leave the address to your blog just below your submission.

This contest is open to all writers and bloggers.  The judging will be assisted by a third party and will not necessarily favor poker writers.  You may enter more than one submission if you like, but please go for quality before quantity.  Above all, don't forget to have fun with this.


  1. When life gives you lemons, write a list.

    Parvin Taraz

  2. You have to gamble to win.

    Matt Saincome

    I'm not big on mantras hahahaha

  3. You invited me to do a mantra? I'm still ring to think of what to wright.

    Hey, where did you get this style of blog? I want something like this but couldn't find out how to do it .

  4. Mantra
    I was invited to do a "Mantra". I have no idea what one is. I hope this qualifies.
    Titled: If I were President
    You have seen the commercials for the census and the push to get people to fill them out and send them in.The government has spent over 14 million dollars pushing the census, but if I were president ...

    You get your census fill it out take it to the post office where you will get three gold waffle tickets. Like the ones in Willy Wonka. Two tickets if turn it in after thirty days ,and only one if after sixty days.
    On Thanksgiving day a drawing for :
    50 tickets to be drawn for $1,000,000.00 each.
    Now that's more you say?
    You pay the tax up front about 50% I'm guessing .
    The rest goes into the economy so it creates more taxes and stimulates the economy at the same time .
    This is a rough draft. Ill work out the details after I'm elected.

    Posted by 5 oh Two Challenge

  5. "Suck deep. Blow hard."

    -blogging blodyn- on smoking shisha

    this one is correct :)

  6. I keep my game focused in the now,given that luck can change in a moment's notice, and every moment is the best moment of my life !


  7. Thank you to all participants this contest is now closed.