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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

7. Slow and Steady...Winning the NL Holdem' Race

Hello Rollers and Bloggers,

Current Challenge Bankroll: $11.82  Holy Fish Sticks!

Slow and steady is certainly the strategy I continue to employ in this challenge.  It is really hard to stick to the plan and avoid any larger buy-ins.  It is always in my plan to take the occasional shot and I believe that should be a part of anyone's plan.  You have to move up in stakes at some point and I think I'm about to take the leap up to the $0.30 ($0.25 + $0.05 rake) single table tournaments. 

Don't let that guy who seems to play every pot and also to win every pot get to you.  Do not go on crazy monkey tilt... while it may seem like fun at the time it never is.  If you are that guy... well I'm not speaking to you anymore.  Just kidding.

I'm a firm believer that if you think you can continue to improve and continue to build your bankroll then you will succeed.  Just don't forget to keep learning.  Read articles.  Read books.  Talk to other players.  Talk to yourself.  Talk to God.  Talk to that lucky rabbits foot that you have stapled to your underwear.  Of course the best way to learn is to go ahead and play poker and multi-table and see 1000s of hands, but a break never hurts and you never know how an outside point of view might help your game.

This studious approach works great with a disciplined slow but steady approach to the game.  No matter what the size of your bankroll you can employ solid tactics and a positive outlook to build it up to the next level.

Keep a winning attitude and good luck at the tables everyone.


  1. Great post and for what it's worth I couldn't agree with you more. I've been playing for a few years now and have improved constantly - but only because I've been disciplined about it. I read different blogs, articles, and books always looking to learn something new. If it wasn't for all the experts out there, I'd been half the player that I am today.

  2. Nice stuff Nomad - keep it up