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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Is Mel Gibson on Life Tilt? Can He Regain His Composure and Return to the Table?

If  Mel Gibson is on life tilt then this is the craziest, most gut twisting type of tilt that a 'player' can catch.  I'm sure many of you have been watching and listening as this horrific Hollywood tale unfolds.  If you can bear to listen, the conversations in question can be found over at Radar Online and unfortunately for Mel all across the internet.

This is a little off topic for this blog, however there is a good lesson here.  Before he flew off the handle, before he lost his stack Mel could have counted to ten, taken a breath or two and stepped away.

This is of course easy for me to say.  I don't know what he's been through.  I don't know if the the tapes are real or fake.  I don't think these tapes should ever have been released and it is of course deplorable that they were.  If this were a game of cards Mel has indeed been dealt a really really crappy hand.  Actually he's probably been dealt a series of crappy hands.  And now he's on tilt.  He lost his composure at the table.  This is an understatement.  He had a nervous breakdown at the table and took a fast ferry to crazy town. 

Is Mel Gibson the angry racist sexist maniac that is depicted on these tapes?  I don't know.  I certainly hope not.  It is really sad to see him portrayed in this light.

Let's suppose for a minute that Mel is playing some poker and he has just taken a really bad beat.  It's as if Mel Gibson has just been kicked out of the casino by the poker room manager (for the second time) after throwing a king kong sized hissy fit and now everyone is sitting at the table wondering if it actually happened and if he will come back and apologize.  Will the apology be enough?  Will it be heartfelt and sincere?  He did say some horrible things after all.

Some of the players at the table think he should be banned for life never to return.  Some think he should be allowed to return but only after a real explanation, apology, rehab, therapy or a combination of these things.  Some think it's none of their damn business and just want to be dealt the next hand and hope they never get tilted like that.  Some of the players might even feel a little sorry for him, realize that he is going through a really difficult time and although he didn't handle it well certainly needs some help and a chance for redemption.  Some think he is rich and influential enough to host his own games and doesn't need to return.  There are even a few sick individuals that want him to come back to the table and spew more chips.  After all, these crazy rants are entertaining aren't they?

What kind of player are you?  What do you think should happen to Mel?

Perhaps this first analogy is flawed.  Perhaps this scenario would be better described as a private home game where Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva are playing heads up NL hold em and things get out of hand.  Insults are thrown and there are some really ugly exchanges in this private home game.  There is probably some cheating going on as well.  There is definitely sandbagging.  Mel takes some bad beats and loses his mind.  The only thing is this dirty private game of celebrity poker somehow gets reported to the world...

 Well if this is a great poker table that we are all playing on and that grass outside is really just the fuzzy felt of life,  then I wanna be the sucker and still see Mel Gibson as the quirky level headed Maverick and not some broken, low down player that got thrown out of the poker room they call Hollywood.


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