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Saturday, July 17, 2010

8. How to React to a Downswing in Your Bankroll.

Hello Railers and Rounders

Current Challenge Bankroll: $10.46  Holy Donkfish!

Well my tiny challenge bankroll took a hit.  It is even smaller than it was!  Oh no!  It's going down instead of up.  The beautiful AK suited I got dealt just went down to KQ and my incredible bankroll just became the incredible shrinking bankroll.  What can I do!?! 

Have you experienced this?  Do you see all your hard work going into a tailspin with a crazy losing streak that just won't end?  Did your full house just get busted by a runner runner backdoor straight flush?  The downswings are inevitable in poker unfortunately and all one can do in a situation like this is just keep truckin'.  You may have to go down in stakes.  You may have to give your head a shake and quit for a while or even for a few days.  Or a month...

What you should never do is allow yourself to get frustrated and start chasing your losses.  Do not become an enraged chip bleeding Eeyore...unless of course you're at my table.

Another hazard to avoid is the tendency to go up in stakes to try to recover losses more quickly.  If anything you should go down in stakes or sometimes quit playing all together.

Think about the hands where you lost big pots.  Were they avoidable?  Did you get unlucky or were you playing badly.  Be honest with yourself.

I hope you are in an upswing and not in a downswing as you are reading this.  Remember stay positive and good luck at the tables everyone.  Minimize your losses maximize your wins.  If you are able to stay focused and play a solid game, you might lose sometimes but you will never go broke.

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