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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adsense and Poker Blogging - Why Does Google Hate Poker Players?

Recently this blog was turned down for an application to have some Adsense advertising content.  While I wasn't planning to plaster the place with ads, I figured a few couldn't hurt.   As I am very new to blogging any expected revenue would not be huge and I was quite shocked to be turned down.

I received the following notification after applying;

"Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into Google AdSense at this time.
We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


- Unacceptable site content"

I am assuming that they mean "Gambling or casino-related content" as this is one of the unacceptable site contents that they list for those that are applying to use Adsense.

This blog certainly is NOT an advocate of underage gambling.  This blog recommends gambling responsibly if you are going to gamble at all. 

The focus of this blog is poker and poker related stories.  I am not suggesting that anyone go on a roulette binge or risk an insane amount on the lottery.  I mean come on...

Feeling stumped I looked around for some other options for posting advertising on a blog and there seem to be a few out there.  Adbrite and Bidvertiser looked like they might be good alternatives but I have no idea if they would work well in blogger.  If any of you poker blog pros out there have some good advice for me please give it.

Well I've put in my two cents.  This being a blog about micro-stakes two cents seems to be about right.  I hope that I haven't ruined anyone's life suggesting that you should risk a few dimes to try out some poker strategies. 

I am not one to bite the hand that feeds me, or in this case doesn't feed me.  This blog certainly isn't about crying over spilt milk and will remain fearlessly optimistic.  I love you google even if you don't love me.


  1. thnx for stopping by my blog, which is very green... the color of $. good luck. play good.

  2. Thank you grindin' and thank you for stopping by as well. I would like to know your thoughts on the content policies of Adsense.

  3. wow.. I have used adsense on my site with no problems

  4. Are you being sarcastic Dave? If not how ever did you get approved?