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Monday, February 8, 2010

February Poker Haiku Roundup

The Daily Poker Haiku will be replaced by the Weekly Poker Mantra.  I hope you all enjoyed the Poker Haiku.  It was a short lived experiment, however I hope one that will live on to entertain and inspire.  Here is a complete list of the haiku posts; 

Poker Haiku Feb 5th, 2010
Pass the sweet sugar
A mountain tall and patient
Victorious bike 

Poker Haiku Feb 4th, 2010
Follow the rabbit
A glade of freshly burnt cards
Dealer rolls his eyes 

Poker Haiku Feb 3rd, 2010
Fortune smiles again
Great bloated whale will feed me
Holy mackerel 

Poker Haiku Feb 2nd, 2010
Casually I call
Full house a ship with great guns
She flips over quads 

Poker Haiku Feb 1st, 2010
Patiently I sit
Leafless oak still and silent
Tiger sleeps inside 

Poker Haiku Jan 31st, 2010
I doubled up yes
Now I will raise every pot
Why don't they love me? 

Poker Haiku Jan 30th, 2010
Oh what a suckout
Why won't my aces hold up?
Laugh then cry inside 

Poker Haiku Jan 29th, 2010
I climb the mountain
A ridiculous journey
Where will it take us?


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