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Monday, February 15, 2010

4. Slow going - Patience and Poker

Hello Donkey Killers,

Current Challenge Bankroll: $7.02

I'm still playing many 12 cent No-Limit tournaments and learning much as I go.  These tournaments can be really tough because there can be quite a few donkey pots.  It seems that as much as you may try to avoid coin flips eventually you will have to call some of these guys with a marginal hand particularly if they are shoving too much.

Recently I played heads up with a guy that was shoving on me every single pot and I just wasn't getting any cards.  Such a frustrating game.  I eventually ended up the shorter stack against this seemingly mindless aggression and shoved on his blind with K6 suited.  The villain called with Q5 before the flop and caught both cards.  This seems to happen to me quite a bit heads up and I'm working on making my game more reckless to avoid getting walked on... however it's really tough when your opponent is going all in every hand with little or no thought.

I have had some success with these guys by waiting for a decent pocket pair or an ace and letting them hang themselves.  Unfortunately in a heads up game you don't always have the luxury of waiting for cards and if they never come you'll have to resort to other means.  Slow playing really isn't the best idea either as it's too easy for them to beat you with an inferior hand if you let them see a cheap flop, however if they are shoving on you every hand then it might be worth it to limp - call with some of your better hands.

So for now the word of the day is patience.  I really was hoping to be at least over the $10 mark with this challenge but for now it's break even city.  Good luck on the felt everyone and good luck to you in your challenge whatever the level.


  1. Thanks for being a follower on my blog.
    I'll add your blog to my "blog list".
    You are doing great!!! And I like your blog lay out, very clean. Mine is still in disarray.Its my first blog ,so its a learning process.
    GOOD LUCK!!!