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Friday, February 5, 2010

Poker Room Chat Bans - PKR issues a Permanent Chat Ban for Telling the Truth

Recently I was the recipient of a permanent chat ban from PKR. I haven't been playing there very long and ended up in an unfortunate forum skirmish due to a software glitch. Long story short the software had registered me for a tournament that I did not click on. Other players confirmed that they had also experienced this bug, yet PKR informed me that I was somehow responsible for this mistake even though they gave me a credit to cover the loss (less the rake).

For those of you that have never visited PKR it is an online poker room that boasts 3d graphics and detailed avatar customization.

I believe that it is important for players to respect one another in the chat box and to respect the language rules in the chat box. Those that do not respect these rules should be banned. There is a time and a place for chat bans and the consequences of handing them out unjustly should be weighed heavily. I agree that profanity, name calling and abuse should be punished. Those who are open and honest in the forums, however, do not deserve to be persecuted for it.

In the forum debate I was merely telling my account of what happened and was berated and accused repeatedly of being a liar in the forum. Some of these forum attack dogs even resorted to personal attacks which included profanity. I don't think any of these people were banned. Shockingly, the end result of this lively debate was a permanent ban on my chat and forum privileges. It would seem that forum 'participants' would do anything to brow beat me, break me down, ruin the credibility of my story and eventually ban me just to win the debate.

The truth is not a story that I was allowed to tell. Merely disagreeing with PKR was their real reason for banning me.

If you can accuse me of anything it is sticking to my guns and defending my own honour and that is all. While I will continue to play on PKR as a part of this zero to the sky challenge, this unjust ruling does raise some serious doubts in my mind about their policies, particularly those surrounding chat bans. If you thought the PKR forum was a place for open and honest debate, think again. If they don't like what you are saying they will ban you.

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